Applying for the TGP

1. General Tips

ASIO holds all employment applications in the strictest confidence. It is essential you do the same. We strongly recommend you do not discuss your interest in the TGP or your application with others, as doing so may adversely affect your potential employment. You will be required to exercise discretion regarding your employment throughout your career in ASIO.

The process from submitting your application to an offer of employment is lengthy due to the steps involved. It is not uncommon for this to take 6-12 months.

To apply for the TGP you must meet our eligibility requirements.

2. Online Application

The online application process should be previewed before commencing as there are multiple fields for which some preparation is required.

You will be required to attach your CV and academic transcript (in PDF format).

Rather than providing a university or work email account, you may wish to create a unique email address (with a discrete local domain) for your TGP application. This is not mandatory.

Further guidance on ASIO's Online Recruitment Process.

3. Assessment

Our assessment for the TGP is strengths-based so you can show what you’ll bring to the program. It allows you to demonstrate your skills; apply your knowledge to practical situations; and integrate your abilities towards strategic outcomes. It involves a mix of virtual technologies and incorporates multiple assessment pieces, including a live interview.

4. Live Interview

All TGP candidates will be provided the formal questions in advance of the live interview (involving a small panel of tech officers) so you can prepare. Additional questions will be asked in an effort to get to know you as well as your technical interests and background. This approach also provides you with an opportunity to chat with us and gauge our fit against your career and life aspirations.

5. Security Background Checks:

Throughout the broader assessment process you will be asked to provide information in support of security background checks. Don’t worry, this is normal procedure for a Top Secret role.

Our advice: be upfront and as diligent as possible with the timely return of all documentation.

Further guidance on ASIO Security Clearances.

6. Offer of Employment

We’ll be in touch with you during the TGP assessment process and if you’re successful this will include a formal offer of employment.

The TGP will commence in March 2022.

Contact points:  or (02) 6257 4916.