Values and Code of Conduct


ASIO’s values advance our diverse contribution to our mission.


  • We adapt: Anticipate and learn quickly
  • We innovate: Feel safe to try new things
  • We engage risk: Exercise judgement to maximise effect
  • We are courageous: Voice and value opinions, and commit once decisions are made


  • We embody integrity: Do the right thing
  • We build trust: Are lawful, impartial, authentic and open


  • We enable: Empower and develop our people and teams
  • We include: Value diversity and build belonging
  • We collaborate: Engage each other and our partners, respecting all views


  • We deliver value: Create impact, in the best way possible
  • We drive accountability: Deliver on commitments and hold each other to account
  • We are enterprise minded: Act on behalf of the whole organisation

Code of Conduct

An ASIO staff member must:

  • When acting in connection with ASIO employment, comply with all applicable Australian laws and operate within the Organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • When acting in connection with ASIO employment, act decisively to help mitigate threats to security.
  • When acting in connection with ASIO employment, ensure that information and advice is passed quickly to relevant action areas, internally and externally.
  • At all times use official information, equipment and facilities in a proper and reasonable manner.
  • When acting in connection with ASIO employment, act without patronage, favouritism and prejudice.
  • At all times ensure no improper advantage – personally or to others – from official duties, status, powers or authority.
  • Disclose and take reasonable steps to avoid real or apparent conflicts of interest, (whether financial or otherwise) in connection with your employment.
  • At all times act with due regard to the political impartiality of the Director-General of Security and the integrity of ASIO.
  • At all times behave in a way that upholds the ASIO Values and the integrity and good reputation of the Organisation.
  • Comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by someone in the Organisation who has authority to give the direction.
  • When acting in connection with ASIO employment treat others with courtesy and respect and without harassment.