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Training and development

Working at ASIO isn’t ‘just a job’ at ‘another government department’. We contribute directly to the safety and security of Australia. A lot is expected of us, and we want to be the best at what we do. That’s why we have a suite of in-house specialty training programs to prepare our staff for their intelligence role, including courses on intelligence collection, analysis, technical skills, surveillance and leadership. These courses are developed and delivered by experts with recent experience in the role.

  • ASIO won the 2015 Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)—Rob Goffee Award for Leadership and Development
    This prestigious award recognises outstanding leadership development initiatives, programs and strategies, implemented within an organisation in order to develop and encourage current and future leaders.

Staff safety in ASIO is paramount and underpins all activities carried out by ASIO staff. In addition to discipline-specific training, we provide a broad range of practical personal safety training courses to help staff conduct their work in a safe manner.

Training usually begins with foundational skills gained in the Intelligence Development Program (IDP), Technologist Graduate Program and Surveillance Officer Training Program. These skills are continually developed throughout officers’ careers to ensure they are equipped with the skills and expertise to tackle threats to Australia’s security. Potential training opportunities include travelling overseas to train alongside our international partners, immersive training programs, university accredited courses, language development and learning practical skills associated with the role.

  • ASIO is a major contributor to broader Australian Intelligence Community training initiatives, including the National Centre for Intelligence Training and Education (NCITE). The NCITE identifies and implements shared learning and development opportunities across and within the National Intelligence Community (NIC), to promote, support and encourage enhanced networking, interoperability and understanding across the community.

‘I enjoy my current role with the organisation; although, with the many training opportunities and varied roles within the organisation it is also comforting to know I don’t have to leave if I ever feel like a change.’