TGP Testimonials

Just Getting Here

“It wasn’t until the end of my 2nd year studying computer science that I started to think about life after uni. At that point I came across an ad for one of the intelligence agencies in Canberra. I looked into it as well as a number of others before putting in for the TGP (as it was the best fit for me). The application process was pretty straightforward; the assessment was a different, but nice, challenge; and the security clearance checks weren’t as bad as I thought they could be. What impressed me though was that throughout the assessment period I’d get messages and updates from the Organisation - this reassured me I’d made the right choice.”

Rotations 2020

“I started in the TGP in early 2020 and it wasn’t long before the COVID pandemic hit. Even during the height of this I was still able to engage with my team and complete my rotation project (involving a software development capability uplift). I then moved into an ops team where I worked on critical automation reforms in support of technical collect. I’ve just finished my final rotation into a data science team (working on NLP) which is where I’m now permanently placed. I couldn’t be happier.”


“As someone who identifies as being differently abled (i.e. neurodiverse), I’m pretty cautious about workplaces having had some ordinary experiences in the past. In the TGP though they’ve always been sensitive to my needs and have never made a big deal of them or tried to “fix them”. The assessment piece was awesome as it wasn’t about communication or having to be a salesperson. My line managers have supported me and provided me with the space to do what I’m good at.”

Beyond the TGP

“I completed the TGP a couple of years ago and am now starting a new role in network security. I came from a software engineering background and then a permanent placement into ASIO’s application development team. What I most appreciated about the TGP was that I got to see a lot of the Organisation, which means that when the time was right I could make an informed choice about a career leap, in just about any direction, with ease. The opportunities here are really broad and fulfilling."