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Technology Roles

Technology is at the heart of ASIO’s efforts in preventing terrorists, state actors and malicious insiders causing our country, and its interests, harm. We recruit our technologists from a wide array of backgrounds as we understand that our success is built on the skills, knowledge and ability of our people.

Some of the roles within our tech workforce include:

  • data scientists and analysts
  • data stewards, architects, engineers, managers and admins
  • engineers (computer, RF, mechatronics, electronics, hardware, acoustic, …)
  • specialists in cyber, comsci, forensics & ITSEC (inc vulnerability researchers)
  • software engineers/developers, reverse engineers and protocol analysts
  • ICT specialists (cloud, storage, support and sys admins, desktops, networks, servers, web dev, app and systems analysts, new-tech integration, UX, procurement, …)
  • Telco technicians
  • Project, program and portfolio managers; business analysts, UX
  • Trades (locksmiths, electricians) and fabrication specialists
  • Tech managers and leaders

Myth busters:

  1. ASIO probably wouldn’t want my skillset.
    You’d be very surprised! The work we do is incredibly variable and requires different skills and backgrounds. As such, we recruit for both aptitude and attitude.
  2. The process takes too long.
    It certainly takes longer than most jobs, but we’ll keep you in the loop the whole way. Given this, you’d be surprised how quick it passes.
  3. I have to relocate to Canberra.
    While we’re headquartered in Canberra that doesn’t mean all our tech jobs are.
  4. I’m not the “public service” type.
    We’re good with that – wear your jeans and t-shirt to work. We value your ability and contribution.

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