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Technology @ ASIO

Because the nature of our mission necessitates discretion, ASIO is not often seen as a tech employer. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology drives what we do operationally, strategically and corporately. We need to be at the cutting edge to address the multi-facetted and significant threat environment we’re up against.

We’re an employer like no other which is why we seek out those who love tech, who want to imagine and deploy new solutions and who want to be part of something bigger. We’re also committed to ensuring a neurodiverse and inclusive environment where our staff are valued and respected. 

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“I never expected to land such a cool and exciting job straight out of uni, but working at ASIO has proven to be just that.

I was a bit surprised when I saw their ad for their Technologists Graduate Program as I hadn’t necessarily considered them. I’m glad I did as the experience has been amazing in introducing me to an intel career (as a tech); to developing my skillsets in entirely new and unexpected ways; and in trusting my input with important work and decisions.”

Dan, Technologist Graduate

“As a person living with Aspergers, I had some reservations about joining (and being accepted into) the workplace. ASIO allows me to be me without reservations. My colleagues appreciate my skills and my bosses support me and my personal and professional growth unreservedly. I love that I can do the work I do and know that I’m making a difference.”

Mel, systems analyst

“I joined the Org about 4 years ago having come from the private sector in Melbourne. The first thing I noticed was how progressive ASIO was and how passionate my peers were about technology and applying it in new and innovative ways. I’m encouraged to push boundaries and think outside the square in my role. ASIO is a place like no other and there’s no other place I’d rather be.”

Kayla, technical operations

“As a software dev, I want to be challenged and to work with the best. I get that here at ASIO – one day I’m working with leading experts (in similar agencies) on the other side of the world on shared projects and the next I’m engaging with local SME’s in making it happen. It’s a rewarding feeling.”

 Marcus, processing specialist