Technologist Graduate Program

At a Glance

Tech Software engineering, cyber security, networking, containerisation and cloud architecture, ICT (cloud, storage, networks, UX/CX, P3) DevSecOps, mechatronics, data, maths, telecommunications, program and portfolio management and more…
Salary $84,076 plus 15.4% super (effective January 2022)
Dates Applications are currently closed
Location Canberra


The Technologist Graduate Program (TGP) is a 12 month program (comprising three workplace rotations) designed to expose you to the broad technology spectrum within ASIO. By being embedded in operational and/or enterprise teams you will directly contribute to ASIO’s mission of protecting Australia and Australians from threats to their security. You’ll also receive tailored learning and development from internal experts, industry, academia and international partners, and ongoing support from line managers, peers, mentors and graduate coordinators.

You’ll be part of an environment that fosters innovation and creativity. We seek to reflect the diversity of the community we protect, and recognise the value of diverse thinking. We work as a team to out-think and out-imagine our adversaries. Upon completion of the Graduate Program you’ll transition into a team that will continue to develop your skills and your aspirations.

Interested? Find out more about the application process, who we are looking for, test your skills with the tech challenges our tech graduates have designed below and read about women in STEM at ASIO.


We recruit people with skills across a diverse range of tech backgrounds.

We understand the interconnect across tech disciplines and encourage those with degrees in fields such as (but not limited to) the following to apply: Software engineering, cyber security, networking, containerisation and cloud architecture, ICT (cloud, storage, networks, UX/CX, P3) DevSecOps, mechatronics, data, maths, telecommunications, program and portfolio management and more…

Importantly, we’re also looking for attitude as much aptitude. Given the work we do we need people who are clever, curious, adaptable, able to think critically and are committed to continuous learning.


In joining us, you can expect to:

1. Be part of a like-minded community
As part of the ASIO workforce, the TGP have a strong culture of teamwork and support. We love tech, we’re naturally curious,are excellent problem solvers and we back each other in what we do. We are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

2. Contribute to the mission
Our most important asset is our people. In the TGP you’ll directly contribute to “the mission”. This may be through an operationally-focused rotation where you support our unique technical collection remit, or through an enterprise rotation where  you use your tech skills to streamline processing or visualisation of that data to derive critical intelligence.

3. Have access to leading-edge technology
ASIO's technology and engineering is formidable. Covering an array of technology – from commercial off the shelf, to bespoke and yet to be invented. This may be in the field of cloud and virtualisation,  micro-services, bespoke sensitive capability,  Artificial Intelligence or other emerging technologies. Technology in ASIO can be (virtually) bent, moulded and used in unconventional and unique ways to ensure we meet our mission and objectives.

4. Do what can’t be done almost anywhere else
We do things our adversaries believe are impossible. Our legislative responsibilities and the  nature of our work in securing Australia and protecting its people means we are afforded special powers to identify threats. In the tech space this is often unparalleled which is why we apply our capabilities in a targeted, legal, proportionate and ethical way.

5. Receive contextualised learning
ASIO operates in a need-to-know environment, which means you will have access to information relevant and meaningful to your work. Similarly, the applied learning we provide during the TGP is tailored and highly situational to ensure that your experience is anchored and meaningful for you.

6. Have a voice and be heard
Our success is built on the imagination and intelligence of our team. During your workplace rotations you will be embedded into existing teams where you will do real work on real-life challenged. You will be actively encouraged to share your tech knowledge to help meet these challenges.

7. Enjoy a work/life balance
While you may be passionate about tech, in ASIO you can’t take your highly classified work home. This means there’s plenty of time for personal projects, hobbies, family and friends.

8. Earn a great starting salary
Technologists on the TGP commence on a highly competitive salary of $84,076 plus 15.4% superannuation. You’ll also get a relocation allowance if moving from interstate, four weeks annual leave and access to flexible working hours.

Values and culture

At ASIO, authentic values matter. ASIO’s values advance our diverse contribution to our mission. In our tech workforce they’re displayed in our commitment to innovation and adaptiveness; our belief in diversity; our empowerment of staff; and our accountability in delivering excellence.

We also have a strong culture of curiosity and problem-solving. If you’re naturally curious like us, try out some of the tech challenges our tech graduates have designed.


In addition to our eligibility requirements you must:

  • have completed a degree of technical relevance, which includes but is not limited to, data science and analytics, cyber/comscience, ICT (inc. software development and networks), telecommunications, engineering and emerging technologies); ; and
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra.

You should also be able to:

  • work in small, dynamic teams;
  • think critically to solve problems; and
  • demonstrate ongoing adaptability (to new technologies, events and environments).

Applying: what’s involved?

If you’re ready to apply we recommend you take a couple of minutes to check out what's involved first. You'll find information including:

  • Tips
  • Application
  • Assessment
  • Live Interview
  • Security Background Checks
  • Offer of employment

Other information

Read testimonials from previous graduates.

Frequently asked questions about the TGP.

Tech Challenges

We are looking for people who can out-think and out-imagine our adversaries. Our tech graduates designed a series of challenges to test your problem-solving skills. The challenges and their solutions are available below.

Challenge one - logic grid puzzle Challenge one solution
Challenge two - encryption challenge

Challenge two solution

Challenge three - logic gate puzzle Challenge three solution
Challenge four - data dump puzzle Challenge four solution
Challenge five - tree symbol decipher Challenge five solution
Challenge six - picross puzzle Challenge six solution
Challenge seven - Alphametic puzzle Challenge seven solution