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Technical and Engineering Intelligence Officer

Technical and Engineering Intelligence Officers play a critical role in providing ASIO with the best global scientific and technical advances by developing or using technology to collect, process and analyse intelligence. Without their expert knowledge and use of technology, our intelligence professional colleagues wouldn’t be able to piece together the broader ‘intelligence picture’ and progress ASIO’s investigations.

Technical and Engineering Intelligence Officers help collect intelligence through a variety of technical means and can work in both operational and investigative roles, mostly based in our Canberra office.

‘I graduated with degrees in both software engineering and mathematics. When I was looking for career opportunities, I wanted a job where I could apply the skills I’d learnt in both of my fields to solve hard problems – this is what attracted me to the program. The rotations, mentoring and training I got as a part of it have been great for exposure to a variety of work areas. The fact that the work I do contributes to the security of Australia is also very rewarding. I’m happy I have been given the chance to work in a fast-moving technical environment and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.’