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Technical & Engineering

As a Technical Officer, you will play a critical role enabling ASIO to capitalise on the very best of global scientific and technical advances, and to integrate these within its operational intelligence collection and analytical efforts.

Operational ICT, technical and engineering staff undertake a wide variety of roles, including:

  • facilitation of the collection, delivery and processing of intelligence obtained through communications interceptions operations — all lawfully authorised under Special Powers provisions within Commonwealth legislation
  • design, development, delivery and administration of highly specialised ICT systems, information triage and viewing platforms
  • complex technical data analysis and interpretation
  • computer forensics
  • provision of technical support to audio, visual and electronic surveillance activities
  • design, manufacture and testing of infrastructure and equipment deployed in field operations
  • trade-based technical work (such as automotive, electrical, carpentry, machining and fabrication, and locksmithing)


Technical Officers tend to work in small teams, often under pressure to deliver results in tight time frames due to operational requirements. They need to be resilient and adaptable, and have the ability to make sound judgements, to identify and manage priorities and to effectively communicate risks. This regularly involves working closely with intelligence staff who do not have technical backgrounds — so an ability to communicate clearly and engage effectively with a range of stakeholders is essential.

While formal academic and practical qualifications are critical for some specialist roles (such as ICT and data analysis), many of the skills required of ASIO Technical Officers also require extensive in-house training built around the types of collection and assessment capabilities and activities unique to the intelligence environment. ASIO invests heavily in training its technical staff – drawing upon expertise from a wide range of international and domestic agencies and industries, as well as providing specific in-house and on-the-job training programs.

ASIO is always interested to hear from people who wish to join the Organisation and who have technical skills which can complement and advance the nation’s security efforts.

Our current recruitment priorities relate to the following job families:

  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Software development/programming
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Systems integration and deployment
  • Networks and telecommunications
  • Infrastructure and systems administration
  • Computer forensics
  • Technical data analysis
  • Audio, visual and electronic surveillance technical support

If you are interested in a career within ASIO working in a technical or engineering role, please keep an eye out for relevant advertised vacancies or lodge an application via our Employment Register.