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Surveillance Officer

Applications are currently closed.

Being a Surveillance Officer is both a professional and a lifestyle commitment. They are highly competent specialists who adapt to their surroundings to covertly achieve their task, operating as part of a cohesive operational team within a high-tempo and challenging security environment, both on foot and with a range of supporting vehicles. Using specialist equipment designed to meet the challenges of the covert operating environment (including high-tech photographic, technical and IT systems). Surveillance Officers play a critical role in helping ASIO identify, investigate and provide advice on threats to security. 

Australia has a highly diverse population so it is vital that ASIO has a diverse range of individuals who can operate and blend into a wide range of operating environments.

Surveillance Officers undertake shift work and operate for extended periods both indoors and outdoors. 

By way of example, you will be expected to:  

  • maintain operational security. You will not be able to discuss your everyday work with others;
  • sustain vigilant observation during periods of heightened activity and during periods of extended inactivity;
  • respond to operational tasking at very short notice, which may include the necessity to work extended periods and to travel interstate at short notice;
  • be capable of spending extended periods (~ 8 hour shift) within a static vehicle, during both the peaks of summer and in winter; and
  • maintain your health and fitness to a standard that ensures you can operate ‘on foot’ (walking, running and standing) for extended periods, in various weather conditions. 


In addition to our eligibility requirements you must also:

  • Hold a current ‘C Class’ driver’s licence (for at least 3 years) and be eligible to qualify for a driver’s licence in any state or territory of Australia;
  • Have normal colour perception that enables clear delineation between red and green and no issues with “night blindness”;
  • There are fundamental physical and psychological capabilities an ASIO Surveillance Officer (SO) must possess in order to undertake the role safely and effectively.  These include the ability to maintain high levels of attention, concentration and memory when under pressure, to effectively communicate verbally with a wide variety of persons, to walk without significant discomfort for several kilometres, drive a motor vehicle confidently and competently for extended periods of time in various traffic environments, and to sit without significant discomfort for extended periods of time in various environments, including public locations. 

The assessment process will include a criminal history check. If you have a criminal history and or have received a significant number of traffic infringements, you will not be considered for the role.  

Relocation assistance may be provided to successful candidates if, upon completion of the Surveillance Training Program, the Organisation requests that you relocate. Further information on relocation assistance will be provided to successful candidates.

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