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Surveillance Officer

The role of a Surveillance Officer is not an ordinary job. It is both a profession and lifestyle commitment.

ASIO is not currently seeking applications for this role. We are currently assessing applications received in February 2016.

Surveillance Officers play a critical role in helping ASIO to achieve its goal of identifying and investigating threats to security and providing advice to protect Australia, its people and its interests. 

Surveillance Officers, once trained, are highly competent specialists who are capable of adapting to their surroundings in order to covertly achieve their tasking. They operate within a high tempo and challenging security environment, both on foot and with a range of supporting vehicles as part of a cohesive operational team. They use specialist equipment designed to meet the challenges of the covert operating environment, including high-tech photographic, technical and IT systems.

The Surveillance Officer Candidate Guide details the role, eligibility requirements, training and selection process in detail.