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Surveillance Officer

Being a Surveillance Officer is both a professional and a lifestyle commitment. They are highly competent specialists who adapt to their surroundings to covertly achieve their task, operating as part of a cohesive operational team within a high-tempo and challenging security environment, both on foot and with a range of supporting vehicles. Using specialist equipment designed to meet the challenges of the covert operating environment (including high-tech photographic, technical and IT systems), Surveillance Officers play a critical role in helping ASIO identify, investigate and provide advice on threats to security.

‘I don’t think a ‘regular’ job has ever appealed to me. I love being out in the field, and working in a hands on role where I see the results of my work is highly fulfilling. Although surveillance involves a lot of watching and waiting, it’s also a bit like role-playing. You have to be ready to follow your target wherever they go and do whatever they do so no two days are the same.’

‘For me, the most rewarding aspect of working as a Surveillance Officer is knowing that I make a difference. I’ll be honest: there are moments of intense boredom, just sitting in a car, but there are also periods of unbelievable excitement and adrenalin. I wouldn’t give that up for anything.’