Specialist Professions

Legal Officer

ASIO’s Legal Officers provide the Organisation with in-house legal services to support our operational and corporate functions. They use their legal expertise and strong research skills to interpret Commonwealth law, develop legislative reforms, protect our capabilities and identities from public disclosure, and prepare advice on ASIO’s mandate and functions—particularly our operational work and use of special powers. Our Legal Officers also manage ASIO’s involvement in criminal and civil litigation.

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Training Officers

Learning and development is highly valued at ASIO and our training specialists develop and deliver a suite of in-house specialty training programs to prepare our employees for their intelligence role, including courses on intelligence collection, analysis, technical skills, surveillance and leadership. In addition to discipline-specific training, we provide a broad range of practical personal safety training courses to help employees conduct their work in a safe manner.

Training usually begins with foundational skills gained in the Intelligence Development Program (IDP), Technical Officer Graduate Program and Surveillance Officer Training Program. These skills are continually developed throughout officers’ careers to ensure they are equipped with the skills and expertise to tackle threats to Australia’s security. Potential opportunities include training overseas alongside international partners, immersive training programs, university accredited courses, language development courses and practical skills acquisition associated with the role.


ASIO Psychologists focus on the assessment and management of psychological risk and supporting an effective and highly dedicated workforce. As a Psychologist within ASIO you will: deliver psychological services including conducting psychological assessments; develop psychological advice in support of the selection and assessment of applicants to ASIO; assess and management counter intelligence risk; and/or deliver health services including training and Employee Assistance Programs to support and develop ASIO employees.

ASIO also employs many other specialist roles including Procurement Officers, Auditors, Security Vetting Officers and Security Assessors.