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Security Clearances

If you agree to undertake the security clearance process, you must:

  • disclose all relevant and required information;
  • cooperate in the collection of personal documentation and corroborating evidence;
  • answer questions fully and honestly; and
  • provide accurate information and personal documentation.

Only Australian citizens with a verifiable background are eligible for an Australian Government security clearance. You will be asked to provide evidence of Australian citizenship. Periods of greater than 12 months (cumulative) spent outside Australia must be verified from independent and reliable sources. Background checks should generally be able to be undertaken in Australia—it is expected that eligible applicants will have strong, established ties to Australia.

Candidates must also be assessed as suitable to obtain and maintain a Positive Vetting (PV) security clearance. Any doubts about the suitability for access to security classified resources will be resolved in favour of the national interest.

The minimum mandatory checks for a PV clearance to establish a person’s suitability include:

  • verification of identity;
  • background checks;
  • financial probity checks;
  • police records check;
  • referee checks;
  • qualification verification;
  • digital footprint checks;
  • psychological assessment;
  • a security interview; and
  • other checks as required.

To be considered suitable to hold a security clearance, at any level, it must be established that you possess and demonstrate an appropriate level of integrity and are not vulnerable to influence or coercion. In a security context, integrity is defined as possession and demonstration of a range of character traits that inspire confidence in your ability to protect security classified resources. These character traits are:

  • honesty;
  • trustworthiness;
  • maturity;
  • resilience;
  • tolerance; and
  • loyalty.

ASIO will drug test applicants for undeclared use of prohibited substances—further information about specific requirements will be provided to you at the appropriate point in the selection process.

You must be open and honest with all information you provide during the selection process. Failure to do so may impact adversely on your suitability to hold a security clearance. ASIO treats your information with respect and confidentiality; however, if you feel uncomfortable providing detailed personal information you should consider whether ASIO is the right employer for you.