I Spy A New Twitter Account

17 August 2020

ASIO has stepped out of the shadows and into the social media spotlight by issuing its first tweet:

Hi internet, ASIO here. I spy a new Twitter account. We thought it would be fun if you followed us for a change.”

“A Twitter presence is another way to engage with the Australians we protect,” the Director-General of Security, Mr Mike Burgess, said.

“I have a strong personal belief in being as open and transparent as possible, and that will be a hallmark of my time as Director-General.”

“But as you can see from our first tweet, ASIO does have a sense of humour–our people are ordinary Australians who do extraordinary things,” he said.

ASIO staff submitted ideas for the first tweet and a combination of the best suggestions was used.

“We toyed with the idea of tweeting ‘no comment’ and following it up with ‘and that’s off the record’,” Mr Burgess said. “But I’m keen to dispel any notion that ASIO is a shadowy, unaccountable organisation. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

ASIO will use the social media platform to attract new recruits to its workforce and communicate with the public about its history and role as Australia’s security service.

“I welcome the Australian public engaging with us. We are Australia’s security service, and we must maintain the trust of those we protect,” the Director-General said. “Over time, ASIO will expand its social media presence to other platforms.”

The public should not report national security threats via Twitter. They should call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400 or visit www.nationalsecurity.gov.au.

You can follow ASIO on Twitter at @ASIOGovAu.

At the same time, ASIO launched its new brand. The new look was developed in-house to present a modern visual identity for the Organisation.

The ASIO mark is a reflection of the work ASIO does, moving from the shadows into the light, and bringing the puzzle pieces together to create a clearer picture.

“When ASIO speaks, it will be with one voice. A professional, consistent visual identity is a part of that,” Mr Burgess said.