Protective Security

What is protective security advice?

Protective security advice helps government, businesses, and owners of critical infrastructure to make decisions about how they protect their information, people and assets. ASIO’s protective security advice is primarily provided to protect against the threats of terrorism and espionage.

What ASIO does to provide protective security advice

We focus on two key results:

  • Government, business and industry adopt a ‘security by design’ approach to protect Australia’s people, assets and other national interests.
  • There is increased protective security awareness and capacity across the Australian Government, state and territory governments, and business.

ASIO's protective security capability (T4) provides expert protective security advice and training to the Australian Government, state and territory governments, and business. This includes physical security certification advice (as defined in the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework), technical surveillance countermeasures, and resources for security managers to assist in the protection of their information, people and assets via the ASIO Outreach website. On behalf of the Security Construction Equipment Committee (SCEC), T4 evaluates protective security products (such as locks, alarms and detection devices) to determine their suitability for use in government facilities.

Each year, we conduct tens of thousands of personnel security assessments to determine a person’s suitability to access national security classified material. Our advice helps government agencies decide who should have access to classified material, and forms part of the Australian Government’s defensive measures to keep our defence, trade, and economic secrets safe from our adversaries. To support the ongoing improvement of those measures, we help develop government personnel security policy and standards.

We provide expert advice to the Australian Government on the potential national security implications of foreign investment. Our work informs government decision-making on hundreds of Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) applications each year and has strengthened wider government understanding of related threats to Australia’s national security, especially in the critical infrastructure sector.

ASIO threat assessments for critical infrastructure, including those published by ASIO Outreach, help asset owners protect nationally significant assets from terrorists and hostile foreign intelligence activity.