Prepping for a Tech Assessment Activity

What to expect

Tech recruitment utilises a variety of (merit-based) assessment measures. These include a mix of any (or all) of the following: written application, technical tests, virtual or face-to-face interviews, virtual or face-to-face pitches and demonstrations, assessment centres and associated activities.

These methods are typically strengths-based. Here we want to see what you’re technically good at, what and why you enjoy it, your motivations, adaptability and response norms. These measures provide us with a more informed insight to how you’d perform in, and contribute to, our mission-focused environments.

Types of questions/activities

For tech roles, assessment emphasis tends to centre on your overall tech contribution (including your tech leadership skills); your self-awareness of your own behaviours and abilities; and your understanding of how you would enhance our workplace. Without giving too much away, our (structured) approaches will therefore mirror this.

General advice

  • Re-familiarise yourself with the selection criteria, accompanying role description and open-source materials about our Organisation.
  • Prepare some contextual examples for what you think you may be asked or assessed against. (It always helps to be able to speak to your strengths and abilities and to demonstrate this via examples.)
  • At assessment, don’t get distracted by the new situation and surroundings you’re in. (This includes ensuring you remember to listen.)
  • Don’t be afraid to bring, and reference, your notes.
  • Above all, relax and be yourself. We want to get a sense of who you are.