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Most security threats to Australia have origins or linkages outside Australia.

The international threat environment is complex and dynamic. Developments in areas which previously have not been a source of security concern may very quickly become directly relevant to ASIO's work.

Globalisation, particularly the transnational nature of international terrorism, as well as espionage and foreign interference, means that security matters with links to Australia may be uncovered anywhere in the world. In addition, security intelligence investigations in Australia often contain links to countries and overseas groups and individuals. This requires ASIO to have an effective, well-established and strategic international liaison network to provide the global reach necessary to pursue threats wherever they may be.

Our international liaison relationships and domestic partnerships contribute substantially to ASIO's analytical capability. As well as being an important source of intelligence and information, these partnerships enable assessment, analytical techniques and tools to be exchanged, ideas shared and judgments tested. International liaison arrangements are particularly important for threat assessment, as they provide information on specific threats that would be otherwise unavailable. Analytical exchange is also an important driver and facilitator for greater operational and diplomatic exchange between Australia and other countries.

ASIO has 347 approved liaison relationships with authorities in 131 countries.