Online Recruitment Process

ASIO uses an online recruitment system to receive applications for all of its vacant positions.

Login details and password - Candidates must take note of their user name and password as forgotten login details cannot be reset. If candidates cannot recall their user name and password they will lose all information previously entered into the system and will need to commence a new online application.

Timeouts - Candidates should allow sufficient time to complete their application. Applications will timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity and all information that has not been saved will be lost.

Saving your responses - To protect the personal information of candidates the online application system uses encryption. As a result, when information is entered into the online application form and saved it is no longer visible to the user and is impossible to edit. To avoid these difficulties we suggest that you draft your responses into Notepad (or similar) and then copy and paste (enter) into the application form.

Copying & Pasting - When using the copy & paste function you are also copying the background formatting that goes with the text. This can be problematic as it can make the text you paste into your online application difficult to read, and in some cases unreadable once your application is submitted. To avoid this, we recommend that you draft your responses into Notepad first and then copy and paste into the application or type your responses directly into the fields.

Print application form - It is recommended candidates print the application form prior to starting, this will allow candidates to review all the information that is required.

Submission confirmation – Once you have submitted your completed online application form, you will receive an on-screen notification that your application has been successfully received by ASIO. You will not receive a confirmation email.