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National Threat Assessment Centre (NTAC)

ASIO issues threat assessments to inform the actions of the police and other agencies with a role in protecting Australians and Australian interests from threats to national security.

This includes planning security arrangements for Australian and visiting dignitaries, vital infrastructure, diplomatic premises in Australia and for special events of national significance such as the Sydney Olympic Games and the APEC meetings. These assessments provide detail on individuals or groups that could threaten people, property or activities and assess the likelihood of threats being realised. The police and other agencies consider this advice in determining and implementing the measures that are needed to prevent harm from occurring.

Since May 2004 the National Threat Assessment Centre (NTAC) has brought together Australian Government agencies with a role in collecting, monitoring, collating and analysing all threat intelligence available to the Australian Government. The NTAC is located in ASIO's Central Office in Canberra and includes attached officers from the:

Attached officers have online access to their own agency's communications systems and databases. This allows for connectivity and coordination between agencies and provides greater assurance that all relevant information available to the Australian Government is assessed and reflected in threat assessment advice. The NTAC's 24/7 threat assessment capability has enhanced ASIO's capability to disseminate advice in response to developments in the security environment in Australia and internationally.