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National Security

ASIO is one of a number of agencies that contribute to protecting Australia's national security.

ASIO contributes to whole-of-government national security efforts by collecting, analysing and reporting intelligence on those threats to security described in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979, principally threats from politically motivated violence and espionage. We work closely with a wide range of partners, including Commonwealth, State and Territory agencies, foreign liaison partners and industry, which provide support and information that allow us to fulfil our responsibilities.

In turn, our advice and reporting contributes to our national security partners' understanding of Australia's security environment and assists them to, among other things, decide when to act against security threats or to institute protective security measures. ASIO works collaboratively with its partners to share and further develop Australia's national security capabilities.

The National Counter-Terrorism Plan (NCTP) sets out Australia’s strategic approach to preventing and dealing with acts of terrorism in Australia and its territories. It is the primary document on Australia’s national counter-terrorism policy and arrangements.

The NCTP relies on strong cooperative, coordinated and consultative relationships between Australian governments and their agencies.