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Language Careers

ASIO’s Language Capabilities team provides foreign and English language support for our operational and investigative activities.

Roles in this area suit people who are customer focused, capable of working in a high tempo environment and flexible and adaptive to changing situations.

Successful English and Foreign language Communication Content Analysts (CCAs) are able to demonstrate strong decision making skills and use different data streams to identify and report information of security interest.

Foreign language Communication Content Analysts

Foreign language Communication Content Analysts use their language skills to provide front line analysis and translation to support ASIO’s assessment of threats to Australia’s national security.

The role involves triaging large volumes of audio, visual and written communication product and providing clear and concise reporting in English.

Foreign language CCAs use their understanding of foreign languages and cultures to impact decision making and actively contribute to the protection of Australia. CCAs also use their interpreting and translation skills to enhance ASIO’s ability to communicate effectively with others to achieve our mission. While language proficiency is a key part of the selection process for foreign language CCAs, ASIO is also looking for the right blend of analytical skills and foreign language expertise. Candidates with strong decision making abilities and developing foreign language skills may be offered high intensity language training to bring their language skills to the requisite level. Working as a foreign language CCA in our unique environment is challenging and rewarding.

ASIO is interested in a range of different languages from across the globe to help achieve its Counter Terrorism and Counter Espionage missions. Those with skills in multiple foreign languages or dialects are highly sought after.

Required Skills

  • An ability to translate documents and audio visual material with speed and accuracy from foreign language to English and from English to foreign language
  • An ability to provide interpreting support when required to achieve operational or liaison missions
  • An ability to process material collected through ASIO’s Special Powers operations
  • Write regular, clear and concise reports for customers based on analysis of information from multiple sources

English language Communications Content Analysts

English language Communications Content Analysts produce written and verbal reports based on systematic interrogation of material; much of which has been obtained through lawful interception under ASIO’s special powers provisions and other relevant legislation.

English language CCAs work across multiple IT platforms and exercise sound judgment and problem solving skills to identify, analyse and report relevant information.

English language CCAs have a curiosity to learn more about the targets and communication skills to work in partnership with intelligence customers and stakeholders to achieve results.

Required Skills

  • An ability to demonstrate good judgment and strong interpersonal skills
  • An excellent attention to detail
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • An ability to manage competing priorities


ASIO provides extensive training and support for Communications Content Analysts to ensure they have the technical skills to operate effectively in these positions. ASIO also invests heavily in development and maintenance of linguistic skills.


The salary for CCAs ranges from $79,862 to $99,459 plus superannuation.


Vacancies for these roles occur infrequently. Should specific positions become available they will be advertised on our current vacancies page.

Please note, ASIO’s selection process is detailed and takes a considerable period of time, and includes a security clearance process. Successful applicants are likely to commence around 12 to 18 months after being shortlisted for initial assessment.

Please include in your Employment Register application:

  • Your interest in the English or Foreign language Communication Content Analyst position
  • Details of languages in which you are proficient and qualifications you have in these languages.