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Leadership roles in ASIO are integral to driving and delivering the Organisation’s mission to protect Australia from violent, clandestine and deceptive efforts to harm our people and undermine our sovereignty.

Leaders in ASIO are able to contribute to, and communicate, the strategic direction of the Organisation. Their strong leadership credentials and ability to engender trust and respect will be complemented by exceptional judgement, a strong focus on results, the ability to solve complex issues and build organisational capability and a commitment to helping create a proactive and productive workplace culture.

The types of people who will excel in leadership roles at ASIO enjoy working in complex and challenging environments, and be an experienced leader with a substantial record of achievement. They will need to be forward thinking, self-motivated, resilient and adept at building relationships in a complex and fast-paced environment.

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Hello, my name is Duncan Lewis, and I am the Director-General of Security.

In ASIO, we seek the very best people to serve in our organisation.

Attracting and supporting clever, innovative, creative and committed people is essential to ensure ASIO is well placed to undertake its critical work.

This year we celebrate 70 years of service to the people of Australia, and our mission is just as important today as it was in 1949 when we were established.

As the nation’s security service, ASIO protects Australia from violent, clandestine and deceptive efforts to harm our people and undermine our sovereignty.

We work in a complex and dynamic setting where exceptional judgement and an ability to achieve results under pressure are critical.

Leadership success in this environment demands talented people that are highly capable, dedicated, adaptable and resilient.

ASIO is currently undergoing a process of transformational change to ensure we remain fit for purpose and continue to deliver on our mission in an increasingly complex security and operating environment.

In support of our transformation strategy, I am looking for outstanding individuals with the ability to lead, manage, cooperate and perform successfully.

As senior ASIO officers, you will be integral to driving and delivering ASIO’s transformation.

A key focus of ASIO’s leadership culture is our understanding of, and commitment to, creating a diverse and inclusive environment to bring out the best in our people.

We know that people perform better when they can be themselves. You will find ASIO to be a supportive and inclusive workplace.

ASIO is not a typical nine to five organisation.

Due to the sensitivity of our work, we must operate in secret when dealing with the most pressing and serious matters of national security.

Appropriately, most of our achievements will never be revealed publicly and thus ASIO officers and their contribution to Australia’s national interest are rarely publicly acknowledged.

I mention these aspects of ASIO to provide context to our unique and important role.

Throughout my many years of experience in the national security field, I have always held the Organisation in high regard.

I am proud to lead ASIO and since taking up the position of Director-General of Security in 2014 my esteem and admiration for the people I work with has only increased.

If you are looking for a job like no other, and believe you could contribute to the nation’s security service, I strongly encourage you to apply.