Intelligence Professionals

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Roles Intelligence Officers and Analysts

$85,624 - $91,913 + 15.4% super for the first 12 months

$94,632 - $106,690 upon successful completion of the 12 month training program


Applications for the Intelligence Professionals and Analysts are currently closed.

Location Canberra

Intelligence Professionals

ASIO Intelligence Professionals collect and analyse information to provide advice to senior management and government on matters of national security. Our intelligence officers and intelligence analysts are absolutely critical to our mission.

This is an opportunity to take on a role with great purpose – protecting Australia and Australians from threats to their security – at one of Australia’s most trusted and awarded workplaces. It’s perfect for well-rounded individuals with strong written and verbal communications skills who are looking for a challenge. The Intelligence Professional stream includes two varied roles for you to consider.

As an Intelligence Professional trainee, you will undertake 12 months of training which will consist of classroom and work-based (practical) training. During this period you will see first-hand what it’s like to work as an Intelligence Professional and enjoy on-the-job development alongside ASIO colleagues. During the Intelligence Development Program (IDP), Intelligence Professionals will earn between $85,624 and $91,913 plus 15.4% superannuation. On successful completion of the program you will be promoted and the salary range will increase to between $94,632 and $106,629 plus 15.4% superannuation.

Learn more from the stories of real ASIO officers who make a real difference, as we showcase their varied career paths and characteristics.

Why I Spy

Asha's Story: "The challenge
I was looking for"

Deputy Director-General Heather Cook explains what ASIO intelligence professionals do, who ASIO is looking for and how you can become an ASIO officer.

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officers have a breadth of career opportunities within ASIO in both analytical and human intelligence collection roles. Intelligence Officers are involved in the collection of human intelligence which includes meeting with members of different communities to mitigate security threats, while building ongoing confidential relationships with people to assist ASIO in achieving our security intelligence mission. Intelligence Officers are also trained as Intelligence Analysts.

In addition to the eligibility requirements listed below, you must be willing to be mobile throughout your career as an Intelligence Officer. This means potentially relocating to an Australian capital city every three to five years.

**Some roles may require an Australian driver’s licence (Class C)**

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analysts will be posted to a broad range of analytical roles within ASIO throughout their careers. You will identify and investigate patterns and anomalies, draw intelligence value from large volumes of information, solve complex problems and produce high-quality advice for government. You will drive ASIO investigations, undertake research, make assessments and develop in-depth knowledge of specific issues. Intelligence Analysts apply best-practice analytical skills with subject matter expertise to make decisions on critical issues relevant to national security—often in high-tempo environments. Intelligence Analysts have the opportunity to work in a range of analyst roles which are primarily based within our Canberra headquarters.

Find out what it’s like to be an Intelligence Analyst with ASIO and see what skills we are looking for by completing our virtual internship at GradAustralia - Virtual Experience.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Intelligence Professional roles, you must:

  • have completed formal tertiary qualifications before May 2022; and/or
  • be able to demonstrate work/life experience relating to the job specific capabilities listed below.

Job specific capabilities:

  • provide impartial advice;
  • gather, research and analyse information to prepare written and oral briefings;
  • apply exceptional judgement;
  • apply critical thinking and logical reasoning;
  • operate independently and in teams;
  • demonstrate personal and professional resilience; and
  • demonstrate high level interpersonal and verbal communication skills.

We value life and practical skills and experience as highly as formal qualifications.

In addition to the above you must

  • be an Australian citizen;
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra for the 12 month training period (removalist costs are met by ASIO); and
  • be assessed as suitable to hold and maintain a Positive Vetting security clearance.

For further details on applying for a job at ASIO, see information for ASIO candidates.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to move to Canberra?

Yes. The majority of the 12-month Intelligence Development Program (IDP) takes place in our headquarters in Canberra.

Upon successful completion of the IDP our Intelligence Analysts are mainly based in Canberra. Our Intelligence Officers participate in three to five year postings where they may move between analytical and operational roles across a number of geographical locations, including Canberra, across Australia and sometimes even overseas.

For those that will relocate from interstate, we even cover some initial accommodation costs.

For more information about living in Canberra - please visit

What if I’m not an Australian citizen right now?

To be eligible you must be an Australian citizen. If you are a dual Australian citizen you remain eligible.

When does the IDP commence?

The IDP starts twice a year, in January and June. 

Applications are currently closed.

What are you looking for in the ideal candidate?

There is no one ideal candidate. We are however seeking those that want to make a difference in our Organisation; who are naturally curious, enjoy variety and are adaptable. The sort of qualities we are looking for include judgement, critical thinking, resilience, communications skills and interpersonal skills.

Do I need a degree?

No, a degree is not mandatory for intelligence officer and intelligence analyst roles.

ASIO is looking for clever, curious people who can think outside the box. We know that people from different backgrounds with varied life experience can bring great value to our work with the Australian community. We are committed to reflecting the community we protect.

Is the IDP just for those under a certain age limit?

No. We welcome applications from eligible applicants who have completed formal tertiary qualifications before May 2022, and/or are able to demonstrate work/life experience relating to the job specific capabilities. We value life and practical skills and experience as highly as formal qualifications.

Do I need military/police/intelligence experience?

No. There is no ASIO ‘type’. People of all types can, and do, work at ASIO. We will train you to become an ASIO intelligence professional. You just need the right attitude and aptitude to do our work.

Can I tell people where I work?

You should not discuss your application with others. And once you work here, you’ll be required to be discreet throughout your career. It can be challenging at first but it’s something you get used to. We will provide you with support to discuss your employment with your family.

How do I get through the security clearance process?

The most important thing about completing our security clearance process is honesty. We understand that people have led full and interesting lives, and being honest about that is the best approach to take. This enables us to make a risk-based decision on your suitability to work in a Top Secret environment.

Do I need to have, or be in the process of obtaining, a security clearance in order to apply?

No. We will coordinate all security vetting arrangements (at the appropriate time).

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