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Intelligence Professionals

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analysts enjoy diverse careers in ASIO, working in a range of specialised analytical areas. Analysts identify and investigate patterns and anomalies, draw intelligence value from large datasets, solve complex problems and produce high-quality advice for government. They’re the people who drive ASIO investigations, conduct research, make assessments and develop in-depth knowledge of specific issues. Intelligence Analysts combine best-practice analytical skills with subject area expertise to make decisions on critical issues relevant to national security—often in high-tempo environments.

They come from a variety of academic backgrounds and professions but are all intellectually curious and willing to tackle a range of complex and time critical problems. Analysts will be given opportunities to develop expertise in a variety of subjects over the length of their career, enhancing their critical thinking, writing, and briefing skills along the way. Their well-developed communication and people skills help them work collaboratively in teams and provide high-quality advice to, and form strong working relationships with, colleagues, Australian and foreign partners.

Intelligence Analysts are based in our Canberra office and collaborate with their colleagues across Australia, although opportunities exist for experienced analysts to travel and work interstate or overseas.

“Being an ASIO intelligence analyst has been amazing. I’ve directly influenced government security decisions and briefed senior officials while being supported, trained and encouraged. We’re always learning and being challenged, whether we’re working to understand a new security development, learning a new way to solve problems or even moving to a new role in the organisation. We work on fascinating topics and have a direct impact on issues that really matter – but the best part of my job is working with a great team of smart, committed people.”

Intelligence Officer

Our Intelligence Officers conduct operations to collect the intelligence we rely on to understand and counter threats to Australia’s security. Our Intelligence Officers are trained in analysis and investigations but specialise in human intelligence.

They work to build ongoing, confidential relationships with members of the Australian community to collect intelligence and pivotal pieces of information needed to progress our investigations. To do this, Intelligence Officers rely on their highly developed interpersonal and analytical skills.

Intelligence Officers often work alongside law enforcement and other partners, bringing their unique skills and capabilities to joint operations.

Upon graduation, Intelligence Officers have the opportunity to be posted to an Australian capital city or remain in Canberra. Experienced Intelligence Officers will also have opportunities to apply to travel and work overseas in certain roles.

‘In my 10 years with ASIO I’ve had the opportunity to live in three different capital cities, travel internationally on multiple occasions and work on problems of critical importance to the Australian Government - all in the company of fantastic, supportive colleagues. I would recommend working at ASIO to anyone.’

‘Working in ASIO as an Intelligence Officer is often challenging, ever-changing and never boring. The subject matter and tasks are regularly adjusted to reflect both global and national socio-political developments. My colleagues are engaged, intelligent and committed to making a positive difference to national security. The workplace offers guidance and assistance to cope with the challenges of working in the intelligence field. These factors all contribute to a real sense of purpose to ‘a day in the office’.’