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History of ASIO

The Australian National University (ANU) has been commissioned to write an unclassified Official History of ASIO.

Interest in the Organisation’s work has highlighted the need for a comprehensive and independent record of the role that ASIO has played in the post-war political and social history of Australia.

The start of the project coincided with ASIO’s 60th Anniversary and the release of Archive material up to 1979.  The Official History will detail the history of ASIO from its establishment in 1949 to 1989.

The Official Historian appointed to the project is Professor David Horner.  The involvement of the ANU will ensure an independent and scholarly history of ASIO.  Professor Horner, who is a published author on Australian military, political and social history, will be provided with high-level access to Australian Government records, including ASIO files, to research and chronicle ASIO’s history and its role in Australian post-war history