Technologist Graduate Program

ASIO’s Technologist Graduate Program is aimed at graduating university students who want a technical career with a difference (that makes a difference). We recruit for a range of skillsets across the technical spectrum. It is an ideal career choice for graduates with skills in fields such as data analytics/science, cyber & information security, software development and ICT, telecommunications and systems engineering.

The 12 month structured program commences in March of each year and is based out of our Canberra headquarters. Graduates undertake rotations across a variety of technical areas and disciplines, both at the operational and enterprise level.  Rotations are designed to expose graduates to the diversity of technologies, roles and skills required within a premier national security agency.  

Working in small teams, graduates make a direct contribution to the critical business of ASIO by undertaking programs of work to support and enhance the prioritised output of the Organisation.  All Technologist Graduates are provided a technical mentor during the program to support their development, as well as access to tailored training.

Upon completion, graduates will move into a team where they will further develop and enhance their technical, security and corporate skills and abilities.  This is just the beginning of a rewarding (and varied) career journey! 

Technologist Graduates commence on a highly competitive salary of $82,420* plus 15.4% superannuation.

Women in STEM at ASIO


In addition to our eligibility requirements you must:

  • have completed a degree of technical relevance; and
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra.

You should also be able to:

  • work in small, dynamic teams;
  • think critically to solve problems; and
  • demonstrate ongoing adaptability (to new technologies, events and environments).

* Annual salary as at 8 November 2021, inclusive of 7.5% service allowance.

Applications for the Technologist Graduate Program are currently closed.

Corporate Graduate Program

Our Corporate Graduate Program is for university graduates seeking a career in our corporate areas. You need to have completed your university degree in the last five years and be willing to relocate to Canberra.

The 12 month program offers on-the-job training and development enabling you to put your tertiary education into practice and learn from experts in the field. We will guide and mentor you enabling you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence.

As an ASIO Graduate, you will be given opportunities and encouraged to broaden your professional networks and interact with graduates from across the Intelligence Community.

We are seeking motivated Graduates for careers in disciplines including, but not limited to:

  • Law;
  • Human Resources;
  • Information Management;
  • Accounting/Commerce/Finance/Audit;
  • Economics;
  • Learning and Development; and
  • Public Relations and Communications.

During the program you will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of ASIO’s corporate environment. You will complete structured rotations, giving you first-hand experience across a range of corporate priorities and you will gain an appreciation of how each area contributes to ASIO’s mission.

As an ASIO Corporate Graduate you will have access to the following additional benefits:

  • A 12 month graduate program including induction/orientation, regular formal training sessions, seminars and structured work rotations;
  • Support throughout the program from the Graduate team and an ASIO mentor; and
  • Relocation allowance to assist with the costs of moving to Canberra to take up a position with the program.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to our eligibility requirements you must:

  • Have completed an Australian-recognised undergraduate or postgraduate degree (minimum requirement is a bachelor degree);
  • Have completed your degree in the discipline you are applying for no more than five years ago; and
  • Be willing and able to move to Canberra for placement in the duration of the program.

To be eligible for the Legal stream you must also:

  • Have gained a Bachelor of Laws or a Juris Doctor from an Australian tertiary institution (or a comparable overseas qualification), completed no more than four years before the program starts; and
  • Be eligible to enrol in a practical legal training course that leads to admission in Australia, eligible for admission in Australia, or admitted to practice in Australia.

Applications for the Corporate Graduate Program are currently closed.