Entry Level

The Information Technology and Information Management Traineeship is a two year program targeting school leavers, with successful participants gaining a recognised certification in either Information Technology or Records Management. During the program you will develop knowledge, skills and capabilities to equip you to become a high performing and valued officer that contributes to the important outcomes of ASIO.

As you complete your two year Certificate IV, trainees will be rotated through a diverse range of work placements, embedded within various professional teams to build your knowledge base. In conjunction with ongoing mentorship, this close connectivity at all levels is designed to ensure a seamless integration into what is a fast paced and unique workplace.

On commencement of the traineeship you will be paid $58,330* plus 15.4% superannuation. Subject to achievement of all competencies you will be promoted to an Information Technology Employee Grade 1.1 with a salary of $82,281* plus 15.4% superannuation.

Information Technology (IT) Traineeship

As an IT Trainee you should be able to:

  • Work effectively within a team environment;
  • Solve problems;
  • Communicate clearly; and
  • Have a commitment to ongoing technical skills development and specialisation; and
  • Complete a Certificate IV in Information Technology.

IT Traineeship work placements could be in the following teams:

  • Server Operations – responsible for the design, maintenance and administration of ASIO’s corporate server environment.
  • Desktops – responsible for the supply and support of ASIO ICT systems.
  • Networking Data, Voice and Video – responsible for the design and monitoring of ASIOs networks.
  • Information Security – responsible for ensuring the security of ASIO’s ICT.
  • Service Management – responsible for the provision of IT help desk services.
  • Applications Development – responsible for providing a range for services related to the development and support of web applications.

Information Management (IM) Traineeship

As an IM Trainee your day-to-day tasks may involve:

  • Researching and drafting information management policies;
  • Providing initial IT client support;
  • Providing records management services;
  • Mail and courier services;
  • File creation and information processing;
  • Contributing to the agency’s digital archiving and preservation efforts;
  • Reviewing and releasing ASIO records under the Archives Act; and
  • Assisting in the purchase of IT equipment and services; and
  • Completing a Certificate IV in Information Management.

During your placements within Information Service Branch you will learn:

  • How to set up and manage records systems;
  • How to manage the full lifecycle of records;
  • How to communicate and plan in a work environment; and
  • How to use numerous ASIO information systems.

*Annual salary as at 1 July 2018, inclusive of 7.5% service allowance.

Applications for Traineeships are currently closed.