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ASIO Corporate Plan

The Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 requires the Director-General to produce a corporate plan for ASIO each year, covering a four year period.

ASIO’s 2018-19 corporate plan describes:

  • ASIO’s purpose and values;
  • the security threats and operating challenges we will face as we work with our national security partners to achieve our purpose;
  • our priorities and our performance framework – the measures we will use to assess how well we have achieved our purpose;
  • how we are building the capabilities we need to achieve our purpose in a digitally connected world; and
  • our approach to the management and oversight of risk.

The plan recognises the significant challenges we are facing operating in an environment of heightened threats, technological change and increasing demands for our advice and services. It also recognises that our transformation into a world-class digital organisation and engagement with national and international security partners will play an important role in ensuring we continue to effectively respond to these challenges, and to protect Australia and Australians from threats to security.

The 2018-19 corporate plan maintains the four ‘key activities’ – our strategic priorities – from the 2017-18 plan. They are:

  • Countering terrorism
  • Countering espionage, foreign interference, sabotage and malicious insiders
  • Countering serious threats to Australia’s border integrity
  • Providing protective security advice to national security partners.

The Intelligence Committee will continue to monitor our performance against the measures set out in the corporate plan. Our performance reporting and annual stakeholder survey will provide the basis for ASIO’s annual performance statement, contained in our 2018-19 annual report.

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