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ASIO Corporate Plan

ASIO's Corporate Plan is a key element of our strategic management and will support planning, performance, capability development, and risk activities across the organisation. The plan informs business planning and capability development by our work groups and teams, and will flow through to individual performance management discussions and planning with our people. 

The plan is endorsed by ASIO's leadership team and describes how we will serve Australia and deliver public value by protecting the nation and its interests from threats to security through:

  • countering terrorism and the promotion of communal violence;
  • countering espionage, foreign interference and malicious insiders;
  • countering serious threats to Australia's border security;
  • providing protective security to government and business; and 
  • collecting foreign intelligence in Australia.

The plan also outlines challenges in the environment to ASIO's activities, how the organisation will measure its performance, capability developments over the life of the plan, and the organisations approach to understanding risk and managing it.

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