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Communication Content Analyst (CCA)

A job as a translator or language monitor is so much more at ASIO. Our Communication Content Analysts (CCAs) use language skills to provide front line analysis to support our operational and analytic work against threats to Australia’s national security. CCAs review large volumes of audio, visual and written communications; connect the dots; give it context; and turn it into clear and concise reporting in English.

‘As a CCA I retrieve, interpret, analyse telecommunications data to produce intelligence that I disseminate to the relevant analytical teams. I enjoy interrogating our technical platforms to identify activities that are prejudicial to security and establish connections. Live monitoring and supporting our surveillance capability through providing timely intelligence is an adrenalin rush that you couldn’t experience anywhere else. I am proud to work at ASIO and my work as a CCA plays a significant role in securing Australia from international terrorism and espionage.’

Foreign language CCA

It’s not just an understanding of foreign languages but also an understanding of foreign cultures that affects decision-making and materially contributes to the protection of Australia. CCAs also use interpreting and translation skills to enhance our ability to communicate effectively with our partners.

English language CCA

English language CCAs produce written and verbal reports based on systematic interrogation of material, much of which has been obtained through lawful interception under ASIO’s special powers provisions and other relevant legislation. Working across multiple IT platforms, English language CCAs exercise sound judgement and problem-solving skills to identify, analyse and report relevant information.