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ASIO T4 Protective Security (ASIO-T4)

ASIO-T4 provides protective security advice to Australian Government departments, agencies, business enterprises and critical infrastructure owners. With the written approval of the Attorney-General, ASIO-T4 can provide such services to others, provided that a Commonwealth interest can be shown.

ASIO T4 Protective Security

More information on ASIO-T4's work can be found at the links below:

Security Construction and Equipment Committee

ASIO-T4, on behalf of the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC), evaluates protective security products to determine their suitability for use in Australian Government facilities. A list of approved products can be found in the Security Equipment Evaluated Products List (SEEPL). ASIO-T4 also conducts (on behalf of SCEC) briefings for SCEC Security Zone Consultants and SCEC approved Locksmiths.

For further information on SCEC please refer to the SCEC website