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ASIO Annual Report

ASIO’s annual report to Parliament for 2017-18 was tabled in both houses of Parliament on 18 October 2018.

The 2017-18 annual report includes:

  • a review of 2017-18 by the Director-General (Part 1);
  • a description of ASIO’s role and structure (Part 2);
  • an overview of Australia’s security environment and outlook (Part 3);
  • a report on how ASIO performed against the performance measures and targets set out in our 2017-18 corporate plan (Part 4);
  • a report on corporate management, oversight and accountability arrangements and external scrutiny of ASIO (Part 5); and
  • our financial statements for 2017-18 (Part 6).

The annual report highlights a number of our key achievements during 2017-18, including:

  • working with Australian Government policymakers and providing advice to support Parliament’s consideration of legislative measures to strengthen Australia’s efforts to counter harmful espionage and foreign interference affecting Australia’s national interests, culminating in the passage of the National Security Legislation Amendment (Espionage and Foreign Interference) Act 2018 and the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act 2018;
  • our significant contributions to the disruption of, and subsequent government and industry responses to, planned terrorist attacks in Australia (Operation Silves and Operation San Jose);
  • providing support to the security planning and accreditation for special events held in Australia, including the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC18) and the ASEAN–Australia Summit. As part of this work we conducted over 71 000 assessments of individuals requiring accreditation for the events;
  • publishing more than 1400 intelligence reports, threat assessments and analytical reports on terrorism, espionage and foreign interference and border security issues, to support the work of the Australian Government and our national security partners in responding to security threats; and
  • providing highly sought-after protective security advice to government and industry security managers, including through the Business and Government Liaison Unit (BGLU) website (with over 3200 government and industry subscribers), BGLU’s tailored industry briefing days and ASIO-T4’s physical security advice.

ASIO’s continuing strong contribution to Australia’s national security during 2017-18 was recognised in our 2018 Stakeholder Survey, which was conducted by an independent reviewer with extensive national security experience. Following consultation with a range of stakeholders, the Survey concluded that ASIO:

  • continues to be highly regarded as an effective partner offering high quality services; and
  • is perceived as a very credible organisation, with officers that are customer-focussed, well trained and professional.

ASIO Annual Report 2017-18

Online ASIO Annual Report 2017-18

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