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2016-17 ASIO Annual Report

Guide to this report

Letter of Transmittal

Part 1

Director-General's Review

Part 2

Overview of ASIO

Part 3

Australia's Security Environment and Outlook

Part 4 

Report on Performance

  • Annual performance statements
  • Activity 1: countering terrorism and the promotion of communal violence
  • Activity 2: countering espionage, foreign interference and malicious insiders
  • Activity 3: countering serious threats to Australia’s border integrity
  • Activity 4: providing protective security advice to government and business
  • Activity 5: collecting foreign intelligence in Australia
  • Measures across all activities
  • Analysis of performance
  • Report on financial performance
  • Performance narrative

Part 5

Management and Accountability

  • Corporate governance
  • External scrutiny
  • Management of human resources
  • Property and procurement

Part 6 

Financial Statements