ASIO Report to Parliament 2014-15

Report to Paliament 2014-2015 coverOn 19 October 2015, the ASIO Report to Parliament 2014-2015 (PDF 4.52Mb) was tabled in Parliament.

The ASIO Report to Parliament 2014-2015 is a publicly available version of the classified ASIO Annual Report, and provides insight into ASIO’s outcomes and activities.

ASIO is the only member of the Australian Intelligence Community to publically release such a report.

During the reporting period, ASIO:

  • Provided advice to government which led to an elevation of the Terrorism Public Alert Level from Medium to High.
  • Initiated and continued security investigations into terrorism, espionage, foreign interference, communal violence and border integrity threats.
  • Investigated two terrorist attacks and actively engaged in thwarting six other planned attacks in Australia.
  • Managed an increased counter-terrorism case load—from 200 to 400 higher-priority investigations since the previous reporting period.
  • Issued adverse security assessments in relation to 93 passports (compared to 45 in 2013–14).
  • Further issued the following security assessments:
  • 17 628 visa security assessments
  • 171 203 counter-terrorism security assessments
  • 23 073 personnel security assessments.
  • Provided assistance and advice in relation to over 50 litigation matters.
  • Completed 811 requests for ASIO records, requiring 52 829 pages to be examined.

ASIO Report to Parliament 2014–15 (PDF File 4.52Mb)

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