Intelligence Professional

ASIO Intelligence Professionals collect and analyse information to provide advice to senior management and government on matters of national security.

This is an opportunity to take on a role with great purpose, at one of Australia’s most trusted and awarded workplaces. It’s perfect for well-rounded individuals with strong written and verbal communication skills who are looking for a challenge.

We have two opportunities for you to consider: Intelligence Officer and Intelligence Analyst.

Downloadable Information

Here’s our Intelligence Professional brochure (PDF File 338Kb) if you’d like to print and read information on this role in more detail. The full information on this opportunity is also included on this page.

Intelligence Officer

If you enjoy varied roles as part of your career, make good decisions on your feet, and are comfortable with engaging with people from all walks of life, cultures and demographics, then this role is for you.

Intelligence Analyst

If you enjoy working in teams to solve complex problems, and would like your judgment to count in protecting Australia’s security, then this role is for you.

Successful applicants will undertake a 12 month training program which will help you develop the skills needed to be an effective Intelligence Professional.

Rest assured: ASIO is the organisation that looks out for you, while you look out for Australia.


If you’d like to be considered for the role of Intelligence Professional, you must:

  • be an Australian citizen with a checkable background;
  • be assessed as suitable to hold and maintain a Positive Vetting security clearance; have completed an undergraduate bachelor’s degree before July 2017;
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra (we’ll cover the removalist costs).

In addition to these details, the Intelligence Officer role requires:

  • Willingness to be mobile (potentially moving to an Australian capital city every three to five years, with the location determined by organisational needs);
  • Current driver’s licence (must be C class, with a Provisional licence as a minimum); and
  • Flexibility and willingness to regularly travel and accept a variety of positions throughout your career.

Of course, these are just the basics. Above all, candidates need to demonstrate intellect and commitment. Applicants with experience across a range of industries – especially those that require critical thinking will be highly regarded, but such experience is not essential.

The training for Intelligence Professionals runs for twelve months and includes a mix of class work, practical training, mentorship and on-the-job development.

As an Intelligence Professional trainee, during the first nine months, you will undertake class and work-based training in Canberra. The final three months will be spent in a structured workplace program. Intelligence Analysts will remain in Canberra, while Intelligence Officers will either be ‘posted’ to an Australian capital city or remain in Canberra. During this period you’ll get to see first-hand what it’s like to work as both an Intelligence Officer and an Intelligence Analyst, and enjoy on-the-job development alongside ASIO colleagues.

Once the program is successfully completed, you’ll find yourself equipped with increased confidence and self-reliance in the workplace, ready to embrace the challenges and excitement of the Intelligence Professional role.

ASIO is seeking talented Australians to help collect information, connect the dots and play a crucial role in providing advice to government on matters of national security.

Salary and Superannuation

During the 12-month program, you will earn between $77,508 and $91,268 plus 15.4% superannuation. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be promoted, and the salary range will be $85,678 to $96,535 plus 15.4% superannuation. After this, you will be eligible for an annual salary increase, subject to satisfactory performance on the job.


As we are seeking keen and clever people while also maintaining confidentiality, our selection and assessment process can seem demanding. It will take a number of months and will involve extensive background checking. If you have the required degree – and drive – to become an Intelligence Professional, we’d love to hear from you.

Application Dates

We accept applications for this role every day of the year. To be considered for our July 2017 intake, you need to lodge your online application before 2 October 2016.

If you have any questions about the role or the application process, please call our recruitment team (during business hours) on 02 6257 4916.

Please Apply Now if you’d like to be considered for our Intelligence Professional role. Visit the 'Information for ASIO candidates' page for information regarding eligibility and the online application process.

ASIO’s assessment process for all vacancies includes assessment for suitability to hold a high level security clearance. This is a detailed process which takes a number of months. See Security Clearance information for more details.

All applications are held in the strictest of confidence by ASIO. We ask that you please employ the same level of confidentiality, for the safety and security of all current and future ASIO employees.

We’d like to thank you for your interest as well as your time spent preparing your application.

Good luck!

Intelligence Officer

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Intelligence Officer

You’ll think, develop and apply yourself in unique, interesting and challenging ways. Helping to gather information and produce intelligence, you’ll play a crucial role in providing advice to government on matters of national security. It’s important work. This is why you should take the time to understand if the role, and ASIO, is right for you. If you’re looking for a sense of completion, for that chance to become the best you can be - you’ve come to the right place.