ASIO and National Security

Business Liaison Unit (BLU)

ASIO's Business Liaison Unit (BLU) provides a public interface between the Australian Intelligence Community and Australian business.

BLU BulletinThe BLU administers a secure website on a free subscription basis. The website contains intelligence-derived unclassified ASIO reporting on the domestic and international security environment as well as physical, personnel and information security advice. The website also contains reports from other Australian Government agencies and our international partners.

In addition to the website, the BLU also engages directly with Australian businesses providing security environment briefings, holding face-to-face meetings and attending key industry forums.

Register of Australian Interests Overseas

A Register of Australian Interests Overseas was launched in 2009 in response to the growing security challenges faced by Australian companies doing business overseas.  The Register allows Australian government and business entities to voluntarily register the locations of their overseas interests.