ASIO and National Security

ASIO T4 Protective Security (ASIO-T4)

ASIO-T4 provides protective security advice to Australian Government departments, agencies, business enterprises and critical infrastructure owners. With the written approval of the Attorney-General, ASIO-T4 can provide such services to others, provided that a Commonwealth interest can be shown.

ASIO T4 Protective Security

In line with government policy, ASIO-T4 offers the following services on a cost recovery basis:

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Security Construction and Equipment Committee

ASIO-T4, on behalf of the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC), evaluates protective security products to determine their suitability for use in Australian Government facilities. A list of approved products can be found in the Security Equipment Evaluated Products List (SEEPL). ASIO-T4 also conducts (on behalf of SCEC) briefings for SCEC Security Zone Consultants and SCEC approved Locksmiths.

For further information on SCEC please refer to the SCEC website

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Why is T4 called T4?

At one time ASIO had a specific unit which dealt with a range of technical issues, known as 'T' Branch. T4 was the fourth area within this technical unit which focussed on protective security. Although the branch no longer exists as such, the term T4 became so widely recognised it has been retained by ASIO.

Who can use T4 services?

Clients are typically Commonwealth agencies, statutory authorities or government business enterprises. However, when authorised by the Attorney-General and where there is an identifiable Commonwealth interest, ASIO may provide advice to state and local government authorities and private sector companies or individuals.

Does ASIO charge for T4 services?

Yes, ASIO is required by the Australian Government to recover its costs for providing protective security services. Every job is different and the costs vary accordingly.

How do I find out more about ASIO's T4 services?

More specific information about ASIO's protective security work can be found in Part Two of the ASIO Report to Parliament. For more information about ASIO's T4 services, please phone (02) 6234 1217 or fax (02) 6234 1218.

How do I find an endorsed consultant?

A register of endorsed consultants can be found on the SCEC website.